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Most of our everyday work consists of sending our voice talents a script, so that they read it into a microphone, record it, check it, send it, et voilà.


However, sometimes the reverse process is necessary: you have an audio or a video file with someone’s speech or narration, and you simply need that content in written form for whatever purpose: subtitling, a slideshow, you name it.


Transcription! Writing down content that you hear. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, if you ever attempted to do it yourself, you probably know by now that it is NOT. It’s extremely meticulous work that demands a very specific skill set and specialized software. It requires lots of time and, above all, patience.


Running low on the above? Rest assured: there is no need to spend countless hours transcribing audios on your own. Not when you can simply count on us to get your transcriptions done at DVO!


Yep, we have made it our mission to make lives easier by offering our expert transcription services for our clients in all standard languages!


Here is all you gotta do: send us the audio or video files you need transcribed and tell us what you need. That’s it. We will work on getting that content extracted in document form – in whichever format you prefer. Word doc? Rtf? Txt? Xml? You name it.


Oh, hold on… You need the content transcribed for subtitling? Well, look no further – we can get it all done for you in a jiffy! Simply combine our transcription services with our subtitling services, and you get one heck of a useful combo right there!


You know us. We’re fast. We’re accurate. And it all comes as part of the service!


Seriously, try our transcription services. It’ll be A HUGE burden off your back.