The Imaginarium of DVO with Simeon: the Importance of Practice

The Imaginarium of DVO, a place for wonder and knowledge welcomes our English voice talent Simeon, who offers us a reflection about the importance of listening to our own recordings and learn from them. That practice makes us become better voice talents, and our way of saying the words, different to everyday chatter. Trying to

New Professional Native Speakers in DVO. September Edition

New native voice talents at DVO! We are pickin’ up good vibrations with the newest voices on our website. We are breathless over them and you will too!  Don’t miss out and discover the latest demos in native language and foreign English accent at Dani Voice Overs! September edition. 1. English language Australian accent Feitsma.

The Imaginarium of DVO with Pablo: Voice Emission

The Imaginarium of DVO, a place for wonder and knowledge is back from holiday! Today, we offer you a brief talk by our Spanish voice over talent, Pablo, about voice emission. Our vocal system, he tells us, works with these elements: Vocal chords: they vibrate producing a weak sound, higher or lower pitched depending on

Back to School with New Professional Native Speakers in DVO

We are back to school, because we are no fools, and we do it with new professional native speakers on our website. We’ve got new female and male talents, new languages, new accents, new categories, and of course, different voice ages. Dubbing your content into multiple languages means you can reach more customers whose mother

New Professional Native Speakers in DVO

Every country, every language, every accent has a unique nature. We understand this, and thanks to our native speakers we are able to adapt to the specific qualities of each environment and record their messages in a unique way. The relationship with our native speakers goes beyond the mere recording. We share an idea, a

Asian Languages
Asian Languages You Might not Be Aware Of

We all know that the most spoken language in the world is an Asian language. Mandarin, with 960 million native speakers!! It is by far the largest of the Chinese dialect groups, and it is spoken by 70 percent of the Chinese speakers over a large geographical area. Related article: Top 10 Most Spoken Languages

African Languages You Might Not be Aware of

The most common languages in the African continent are French and English, being official or co-official languages in 41 countries. Arabic, Portuguese and Swahili are also very widespread. Related article: Top 10 Most Spoken Languages in the World. But we’d like to talk about these other African languages “not-so-well-known”, but which have some demand in

Spanish pronunciation
Spanish Pronunciation: The “S” and “R” Combination Issue

The Imaginarium of Dani Voice Overs, a place for wonder and knowledge, welcomes back Pablo, a Spanish voiceover talent well-known for his work in documentaries, commercials, narrations, and even e-learnings and corporate videos. In this new chapter of The Imaginarium, Pablo gives us some information that is especially relevant for voice artists, but also for