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Tips to Voice an Audio Guide and a Well Hidden Darth Vader

Consejos para locutar audioguías y un Darth Vader muy bien escondido

Locutar audioguías o audiotours son hoy en día una gran oportunidad para locutores profesionales o voice over talents. Ya sea para un lugar histórico, una colección de arte, un monumento, un destino muy popular o un museo siempre hay un narrador para guiarte. Alguna incluso hasta te describirá y mostrará una ciudad.  Este es sin […]

Coco, the Golden Globes and our Bulgarian Voice Over Artist

Coco, the Oscars and our Bulgarian Voice Over Artist

Coco has won the 2018 Oscar for Best Animated Motion Picture and our Bulgarian voice over talent, Yavor, dubbed Héctor’s voice in the Bulgarian version. Congratulations Yavor, we are proud to work with you. Find out more about Miguel, Ernesto de la Cruz and many other characters in this truly moving film. Coco, produced by Pixar […]

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DVO and our Voiceover Talents Wish you a Merry Christmas

With a little help from our voiceover talents we have prepared this video to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. You already knew their voices, it was about time to show their faces. These are just some of our voice over talents, listen to them all in our website. Would you […]

locutores profesionales

Kids in Voice Over. Tips to Record with Them

December is the children’s month. It is, of course, because Christmas is here and the kids remind us, the adults, how to live it, but also because many commercials and videos are recorded by child voice over talents and show us how exciting and professional a kid’s voice can be. Working with young artists is […]

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Picture Yourself in a Dani Voice Overs Video

¡Christmas has come to Dani Voice Overs! We want to celebrate with you the arrival of these special days. We are working on something really special and we want you to be part of it.  You just have to take a picture and follow these simple steps, it’s very easy: Include a Xmas note on […]


How to Make a Good E-learning Script

The elearning script should be divided into two columns at least, one to include the filenames, and another one for the voice over text. In addition, you can also create a third column with directions or comments for the voice over talent. If your project needs segmented audios, the easiest and most visual way to […]

locutores profesionales

New DVO Video. Guess Who?

The art of narrating stories is the key to establish a bond between a person and a brand. Our voice over talents have been the voice to many stories. Now, we want to tell yours. To bring to life and give the voice to ours, we have used our voice talents. Don’t miss it. You […]

agencia de locutores online. professional voice over agency

Dani Voice Overs. The Professional Voice Over Agency. How it All Started

Daniel Sánchez Carrasco, founder, and CEO at Dani Voice Overs, the professional voice over agency and also one of the more than 2,000 voice over talents that make up the database of DVO – one of the most established Spanish voice over agencies – began his adventure in a small home recording studio. Ten years […]

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