How to Request a Quote from Dani Voice Overs?

How to Search Native Demos on Dani Voice Overs?

Are the voice over talents native speakers?

Yes, all our voice over talents are native speakers. We do not accept non-natives at Dani Voice Overs.

Are all the voice over talents professionals?

Yes, all our speakers are experienced professionals who lend their voices to major brands.

Can I request a voice over in English with a foreign accent, for example, Spanish or German?

Yes. We offer voice overs in English with various foreign accents. If you cannot find an English voice with the accent you are looking for, please get in touch and we will do our best to meet your needs.

How do I search for a demo in English with a foreign accent on the website?

In the demo search engine, select ENGLISH as the language, then under Accent choose the option “Foreign English Accent”, and finally indicate the voice over talent’s “Country” to find demos in English with foreign accents.

How do I avoid pronunciation mistakes in company names, products or specialized terminology?

We recommend that before sending a project, if there are any words where the pronunciation may cause confusion, you include a Pronunciation Guide or even an audio file.

Can I hire a voice over talent in advance?

Yes, you can hire a voice over talent in advance. If the reservation is canceled fewer than 24 hours in advance, an annulment fee will be charged to compensate the voice over talent.

What does the price include?

It includes the voice over talent fee, recording studio booking, audio editing and error correction by Dani Voice Overs.

If the client requests changes to the text where a project has already been recorded, an additional cost will be charged to the client. The price for these script corrections will be negotiated between Dani Voice Overs and the client.

Can I get lower prices for large projects?

Yes. Contact any of our Project Managers or get in touch via the website for discounts.

What are Dani Voice Overs’ rates?

Rates vary with each project depending on the language chosen, the voice over talent, the type of recording and the duration. If you have any questions, you can submit them through the “Quote” option.

What is the difference between broadcast and non-broadcast?

The term broadcast refers to projects for TV and radio. Non-broadcast describes e-learning projects, internal company presentations or IVRs.

What is the delivery timeframe?

It depends on the extent and technical needs of the script and the selected voice over talent. Most of our recommended speakers offer a 24-hour response time.

Can I have a voice over talent come and record in a studio that I provide?

No. Most of our speakers live in their home countries and record in high-quality recording studios in their local areas. Alternatively, we offer live sessions via Skype or phone. This is a very effective solution that lets you pass on your needs and ideas to the voice over talent before recording begins in the studio.

Are the recording studios professional?

Yes, your project will always be recorded in a professional recording studio. The quality of the audio is always checked by the sound technicians here at Dani Voice Overs before it is delivered to the customer.

What if I need to include changes to a script?

If the client requests changes to the text where a project has already been recorded, an additional cost will be charged to the client. The price for these script corrections will be negotiated between Dani Voice Overs and the client. The customer will always be informed of the price of these modifications before we confirm the instructions with the voice over talent.

Can I request a trial demo of one or more speakers?

Many of our voice over talents provide free personalized demos. Some may charge a minimum fee.

Can I select more than one voice for a project?

Yes, you can include as many speakers as your project needs. As each voice over talent has his or her own rates, a quote will be issued broken down by speakers.

Can you help me edit the project?

Yes, we have sound editors in our team who can segment audios (split them into smaller files) and perform synchronization or mastering.

What audio format do you work with?

We can deliver any format you need.

How do I find a demo?

In the demo search engine, first select the language you are interested in. All available native speaker demos in the selected language will then be displayed. You can define your search further using the various filters.

Category for type of work: e-learning, advertisement, etc.

Gender: to choose a male or female voice.

Age range: to search for tones reflecting a child, an adult, an old person, etc.

The accent and country filters let you choose different varieties within the same language.

Can I hear more than one demo by the same voice over talent?

Yes, once you have chosen one of the demos, click on the “More Info” button and all available demos by that voice over talent will appear.

How do I choose a demo and request a quote?

You are already clear as to what voice or voices you need for your project. Click the “Add to Quote” button for the demo selected. Repeat this process with all the demos that interest you. Next, click the “Request Quote” button at the top right of the page, which will take you to a form that you must fill out. Send us your request and you will receive our quote within one day.[:]