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Home recording studios are brilliant for voice over work: they allow our voice talents to record quickly and efficiently from the comfort of their own homes, and that in turn allows us to meet some pretty amazing deadlines.

However, for certain types of recordings, such as commercials or TV, a home studio may not be the best choice. Sometimes, only the best of the best will do.

And for these cases, we have the crème de la crème in terms of sound systems reserved just for you: professional sound studios and engineers available all around the globe to deliver the highest quality recordings you ever dreamt of.

Fit with state-of-the-art sound equipment and experienced sound technicians ready to take on the sound editing work, our network of professional studios in all major cities in the world can certainly help you achieve the best sound possible.

Feel that silky smooth voice work its magic on your commercial with the best recording equipment in the market, capable of capturing nuances in the tone that cannot be picked up on a home studio. Make your suggestions to the engineer and let them do the heavy-lifting in terms of sound edition, so that you can obtain only the good takes or the whole recording if you prefer it.

Combine this service with a live session recording to express your preferences directly to the voice talent and ensure first-hand involvement and complete attention. Feel free to give your input and share your knowledge about the topic of the script to guarantee that the voice talent is engaged and on the same page as you. Consider also our voice coach services for a the most incredible combination and maximum results for your commercial.

If you think this may be the best fit for your VO needs, let us know! We will be happy to provide more information and options. Seriously, you have to try our professional sound studio and engineer service.