[:es]Evaluacion de calidad del audio[:en]Audio Quality Assessment[:]



Have you ever had that nagging feeling that the deliverables you received from an external provider sounded a bit funny, or perhaps needed a retouch or two, but you were unsure of what to do or where to look?

That’s what professional QA (Quality Assessment) is for.

As part of our daily voice over work, at DVO we go through hundreds of audio files, checking their quality, levels, accuracy, tone, speed, reverb, background noise, and post-production treatment. We work with all sorts of different formats and editing needs, and we make sure that the final deliverables are a match for the initial expectations.

In other words, we assess if the final audio files are fit to be sent to our clients.

And it is thanks to this process that we can proudly guarantee the best quality in our services!

Another consequence of this process, though, is that we have extensive experience in QA (Quality Assessment) of audio files, and we know exactly what to look for in high-quality voice over work.

Now, what if we implemented this well-trained knowledge on the work of others?

That’s right! We can take this expertise and happily apply it to external voiceover work done by other providers to make sure that the quality is consistent with the levels we would expect from our own talents. We offer our expert feedback and personal seal of approval with 100% honesty and constructive criticism, no matter the source. Voice over is a team effort, after all!

Regardless of the voice over provider you choose for your project, we stand for quality. We are as strict with others’ work as we are with ours, and demand only the best. That is why you can always count on us to make sure that what you received from your chosen voice talents is exactly what you paid for. Seriously, try our QA (Quality Assessment) services.