Audio Quality Assessment



Ever had that nagging feeling that the deliverables you received from an external provider may need a retouch or two, but you’re unsure of where to look?

That’s what professional QA is for.

As part of our daily Voice Over work, we go through hundreds of audio files, checking their quality, accuracy, tone, speed, background noise, post-production treatment. We assess if they are fit to be sent to our clients and provide our Voice Talents tips on how to improve their work.

And… Yeah, shocker – we can do that!

In other words, we have extensive experience in QA of audio files, and know exactly what to look for in Voice Over work.

Regardless of the VO provider you chose for your project, we stand for quality. So you can always count on us to make sure that what you received from your chosen Voice Talents is exactly what you paid for.

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