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Subtitles! We all love them, right?

Well, perhaps when they are done right, as opposed to when they show up well after that particular dialogue line has been spoken… Or when they disappear before you had time to read them. Ugh! Or even worse, when they pop up early and effectively spoil the big twist! WHAT!

Well, not that it’s any consolation, but perhaps you’d be interested to know that it’s just a matter of bad time coding.

See, when subtitles are created, they need to be in perfect sync with the audio from the video they go with. They need to be adapted and edited to not be too long or too short, or to go too fast for easy readability. It’s the first phase of caption creation, and the most delicate one: time coding. It requires time, and an expert hand.

Otherwise, jarring situations like the ones described above may happen.

If you’re thinking of adding subtitles to your videos, PLEASE do it the right way. For us. And if you need our help, you can be sure that we will take the best care of your content, and deliver perfectly time-coded files in any format you may need: SRT, VTT, you name it!

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