The Imaginarium of DVO with Johanny: Condenser Microphones

The Imaginarium of DVO, a place for wonder and knowledge, welcomes Johanny, who already shared with us some relevant information about dynamic microphone or condenser ones

In this new audio post, he focuses on condenser microphones and recommends us which ones are the best for our voiceover recordings.

Shure is the most common one, and emphasizes in these two if you are willing to get this brand: KSM27 and KSM44. The first one works for any kind of recording, while the second one is premium microphone, the premier choice for the highest level of professional studio and stage performance.

Another important brand is Sennheiser with different good options for voice-overs. Their top one is the AKG C414, but C214 also stands out. Both of them really good microphones with a great quality he asserts.

The third brand he speaks on the audio post is Audio-Technica. The most appreciated and valuable is the AT4040. It features an advanced large diaphragm tensioned specifically to provide smooth, natural sonic characteristics.

The last band he mentions is the Electro-voice, a dynamic microphone. One of his favorite, the RE20 a broadcast studio voice over mic, but you can find many more of high-end.

He also dedicates a few seconds to a cheaper, but still quite good brands, like Behringer and Samsungs and its model C03, appropriated for beginners.

Listen to all his demos here

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