video editing services



In DVO, we work with Voice Over, obviously. But despite what you may assume, this includes much more than just audio work.

Sometimes, Voice Over needs to be placed neatly in a video that had no narration to begin with. We can do that.

Sometimes, Voice Over in a different language needs to substitute the original Voice Over track in a video. We can do that.

Sometimes, a person on screen is talking in one language, but it needs to look as if he or she is speaking in a whole other bunch of languages – so dubbing is in order. To do this, video editing becomes essential, as the footage oftentimes needs to be slowed down or sped up to match the pace of the new VO track.

And… Yeah, shocker – we can do that!

And guess what – we can also do all sorts of other things with professional video editing: change On Screen Text to match new target languages, swap background music/sound effects when provided, add/remove footage… Possibilities are endless!

Whatever you need done, let us know, and we will think of the best way to help you with it.

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