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We are a voice over agency with 15+ years of experience. We have a roster of over 2.000 profesional voice talents in 90 languages that record for us at studios all around the world.

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Our Services

Voice Over


Video Editing


Live Sesions


We'll advise you at each state of the voice over project

Action plan

We have the right voice for you and we’ll help you find it.

What type of voice do you need?

What is the purpose of the recording?

What is the desired delivery date?

Explain your needs and we’ll advise you on how to achieve a perfect result.

We calculate the price looking to optimize and reduce costs.


We ensure that all material is organized and explained correctly..

What do we handle?

• Voice casting.

• Custom demos.

• Script preparation.

• Translation services.

• Key words.


We get involved in the recording process, bringing personalized treatment..

• Briefing sent to voice over talent.

• Recording sessions.

• Corrections.

• Re-recordings.


We verify and perfect the final product.

• Quality review.

• Audio cleanup.

• Editing services.

• Mastering.

• Audio conversion.

About Us


We  are a voice over agency. We adapt our services to the needs of your project.


Your success is our responsibility. We are a voiceover company specialized in always offering the best solution.

We Localize

We work with passion and energy to eliminate that line separating work from fun and thereby achieve our fundamental objective – to find the right way to convey your message.

Quality Control

For us, every project is unique. We offer the best possible service at all three stages of audio preparation:

We Think Global, Act Local.

Every country, every language, every accent has a unique nature. We understand this, and that’s why we are able to adapt to the specific qualities of each environment and record your message in a unique way.

The World is our studio

More than 2.000 voice over artists speaking 90 native languages. Professionals who put their voices at the disposal of the most significant brands in the world, and of new entrepreneurs too


Each project is unique, your budget too.

Tell us the details of your voice-over project to offer you the best service.

Get in touch with us and indicate the most relevant needs of your project. We will analyze it and in less than 24 hours we will send you a fair, free and no-obligation quote.