The Voice Over Agency

Find your voice among our professional speakers

Your success is our responsibility

We get involved in understanding your company, your business, your customers and your sector. We work hard to be your strategic partner every day.

Quite simply, we are the RED Agency

We work with passion and energy to find the ideal voice to transmit your message.

We think global and act local

Every country, every language, every accent has a unique nature. We know this, and we adapt to each one of them

We tailor our services to your project

Audio voice overs and editing.
Interactive voice response (IVR).
Corporate and promotional.
Text translation.

The fine detail revolution

The difference is in the details. We share an idea, a formula: professionalism, trust, collaboration and kindness. We are different and so are our voice over talents.

Quality Control

At all three stages of audio preparation:

We are the voice revolution.
We are Dani Voice Overs.

* Royalty Free Music from Bensound.


the voice agency
the voice agency
the voice agency
the voice agency
the voice agency
the voice agency
the voice agency
the voice agency
the voice agency
the voice agency
the voice agency
the voice agency



We adapt our voice over services to the needs of your project.

Interactive response.

corporate and commercial.



Text translations.


Your success is our responsibility. We are a company specialized in always offering the best solution.

Interactive response.

Professional announcers.

Professional recording studios.

Time optimization.

Cost savings.


We have the right voice for you and we help you find it.

What kind of voice do you need? What is the purpose of the recording? Delivery date?

Explain your needs and we will advise you to achieve a perfect result.

We calculate the price oriented to optimization and cost reduction.


We ensure that all material is properly organized and explained.

What are we dealing with?

• What are we dealing with?

• Custom demos.

• Preparation of hyphen.

• Translate services.

• Keywords.


We are involved in the recording process with a personalized treatment.

• Sending a briefing to the announcer.

• Recording session.

• Corrections.

• Translate services.

• Recordings.

Post production

We verify and perfect the final product.

• Quality review.

• Audio cleaning.

• Editing Services.

• Mastering.

• Audio conversion.



Each project is unique, your budget too.

Every recording has its specifications and singularities. We know this and we keep it in mind when preparing a budget. We calculate the price based on your needs.

Tell us the details of your project to offer you the best service.

What voice do you need? A woman, a man, a young man, an adult, with or without an accent … We have the right voice for you and we help you find it.

Are you looking for an announcer to record an announcement, an e-learning course, a presentation …?

Do you need translation?

Assistance in the Pre-production and Post-production processes?

Get in touch with us and indicate the most relevant needs of your project. We will analyze it and in less than 24 hours we will send you a fair, free and no-obligation quote.


Simply, We are RED

We work with passion and energy to eliminate the line that separates work from fun and thus achieve our fundamental objective, to get the ideal voice to transmit your message.

Quality control.

Each project is unique to us. We offer the best service in the three stages of audio production: -Pre-Production. -Recording. -Post-Production.

We Think Global, Act Local.

Each country, each language, each accent has its uniqueness. We know it, that’s why we are able to adapt to the peculiarity of each environment and record your message in a unique way.

Explore the World. It is RED.

More than 1000 professional announcers in 60 languages. Professionals who make their voices available to the most important brands in the world and also to new entrepreneurs. Talents with extensive experience who have decided to become part of the REDcorder community.

The World is REDcording.

Our team is made up of “REDcorders”, not “recorders”. We share an idea with our broadcasters that goes beyond recording and editing audios. Be the best by applying our formula: professionalism, trust, collaboration and friendliness. We are different, our announcers too. We are the revolution of small details.

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