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Become a Voiceover Artist
How to Become a Voiceover Artist. 10 Tips

Have you ever wondered how to become a voiceover artist, what steps you need to give, where to begin? We have some tips for you, directions that can help you achieve your goal. It will take some effort, but we assure you the result will be worth it. Currently, there are more opportunities than ever

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AI Voices or Human Voices. What is the best option?

AI Voices or Human Voices. In DVO we are feeling the pull of the future tugging right at us in the form of Artificial Intelligence! Synthetic voices are becoming more and more popular, and while in DVO we will always recommend the human touch, because nothing beats a real human voice, we also want to

Horror Movies: The Most Terrifying Voiceovers in Trailers

Horror Movies: the most terrifying voiceovers in trailers. Halloween is upon us – the time of the year when getting spooked is almost mandatory! What, not easily startled, are you? No worries – we got you covered. We like our movies that make us go all tense, and listening intently for noises that are not

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Vocal Health Tips for Voiceover Actors

Vocal health tips for voiceover actors. The voice requires care, training, and optimal conditions to perform at its full potential. Here at DVO, we want to help you reach that potential and make the most out of your voice-overs. That’s why we have consulted Marta Pinillos, an experienced phoniatrician with over 30 years in the

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Live Recording Sessions: How Do They Work and What Do You Need?

Live recording sessions. What are they, how do they work and what do you need?. Voice-over has evolved very, very fast. The days when you could only record in professional studios under the supervision of an engineer and a director are over. Coronavirus challenged societies to consider and accept new ways of working… remotely, in

Best Voice Performances in Video Games
The 10 Best Voice Performances in Video Games

The 10 Best Voice Performances in Video Games. There was a time when video games didn’t have any voices, firstly because the technology didn’t allow it, and secondly, because gaming back then wasn’t considered a form of storytelling so much. But then things started to change: videogames matured and began telling stories with some depth,

Asian Languages
Asian Languages You Might not Be Aware Of

We all know that the most spoken language in the world is an Asian language. Mandarin, with 960 million native speakers!! It is by far the largest of the Chinese dialect groups, and it is spoken by 70 percent of the Chinese speakers over a large geographical area. Related article: Top 10 Most Spoken Languages

African Languages You Might Not be Aware of

The most common languages in the African continent are French and English, being official or co-official languages in 41 countries. Arabic, Portuguese and Swahili are also very widespread. Related article: Top 10 Most Spoken Languages in the World. But we’d like to talk about these other African languages “not-so-well-known”, but which have some demand in

Voice Performances in Animated TV Shows
The 10 Best Voice Performances in Animated TV Shows

The 10 best voice performances in Animated TV Shows. We are back with our Top 10 voice acting lists. The worlds of animation and voice go hand in hand most of the time, because good characters frequently need a powerful sound presence, as well as a visual one. A great voice is the perfect complement