home studio
How to Set Up your Home Studio

Your home studio. In the voiceover world, it’s becoming increasingly common to hear about the home studio concept, which simply means to set up a recording studio in your own house. Assuming that we already know all the tips to be a good voice talent, we’re now ready to start to look for new projects

What is voice over
What is Voice Over and Why You Should Consider it

What is Voice Over. Have you ever considered voiceover? Voiceover is the art of speaking to a microphone, to infuse life into any given e-learning course, commercial or video footage by narrating a script in a way that conveys emotions and engages the listener. At Dani Voice Overs we’re voiceover experts, enthusiasts of simplicity and

Become a Voiceover Artist
How to Become a Voiceover Artist. 10 Tips

Have you ever wondered how to become a voiceover artist, what steps you need to give, where to begin? We have some tips for you, directions that can help you achieve your goal. It will take some effort, but we assure you the result will be worth it. Currently, there are more opportunities than ever

Songs with voiceovers
Songs with Awesome Voiceovers Vol.1

Songs with voiceovers. We love music. We love voice over. The creation of a playlist based on the harmonious mix of these two passions of ours was just a matter of time. A complete compilation of songs with different music styles and voice over in 3 languages: English, Spanish and Arabic (so far!). What can

Los Angeles, el cine y la voz en off
Los Angeles Movies and Voiceover

Los Angeles, movies and voiceover. The city of stars, emblem of glamour, luxury and escapist cinema, has been described in numerous movie voiceovers. Usually, they seek to give the viewer an idea of where the story is going to take place. And many agree in pointing out the contrasts that exist between its clichéd idyllic

Voice Over Trends
Present and Future of Voice over: the Trends in 2021

Voice Over Trends in 2021. Digital transformation is speeding up due to Covid-19. Consumer behaviour, and marketing strategies (including advertising spending), have shifted. Not to mention the rise of remote working: offices are becoming less and less necessary in companies. If we look at the future, it’s impossible to consider marketing, advertising and voiceover without

Happy New Year
Merry Rocking Christmas & Happy New Year 2021

There are certain things that sound right when you think about them, and wrong when you say them. The same can be said of some years: they’re to forget while you’re in them, but they’re worth remembering afterwards. Maybe 2020 is like that. Yeah, we’re all excited, eager to say farewell to a year that

Voice acting in video games
Voice Acting in Video Games. Casting and Production Process

Voice acting in video games. Casting and production process. The video game industry is constantly evolving, it covers multiple sectors and generates more revenue than the music or the film industry. It represents a fantastic opportunity and a great challenge, not only for voice talents, but for the whole production team as well. One of