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How to Become a Voiceover Artist. 10 Tips

How to Become a Voiceover Artist. 10 Tips

Become a Voiceover Artist

Have you ever wondered how to become a voiceover artist, what steps you need to give, where to begin? We have some tips for you, directions that can help you achieve your goal. It will take some effort, but we assure you the result will be worth it.

Currently, there are more opportunities than ever to work in the voiceover industry, but competition is also stronger. In the sector, you will certainly deal with some challenging obstacles, however if you work on your voiceover skills and find out creative and innovative ways to stand out, things will become easier for you.

“The most difficult part of a voice over talent’s job is to bring life to a text just with your voice”.

There are so many emotions to transmit and yet only one single instrument to achieve your goal. That is why mastering the basics is a mandatory in this field.

Here you have 10 Tips to become a Voiceover Artist.

1. Your voice is everything.

You don’t get any help from props, your body or visual elements, as it happens with film or stage acting. And that makes voiceover so much more difficult. Learn as much as you can about your voice from experience: strengths, weaknesses, boundaries. In order to achieve this, our second point is essential.

2. Read out loud every single day.

That way, you’ll learn to control intonation, punctuation, breathing and rhythm. The only way to find your own style and learn to emphasize and interpret text is practice. That’s why you need to read out loud every day. A newspaper, a book, a magazine, whatever.

3. Learn every voice technique in the book.

 Everything, from warming up to intonations and pitch, timing, breathing techniques as well the use of silences.

4. Explore, explore and explore.

Don’t hesitate to hear opinions that are different to those of your mentor. The same goes for demo production. Listen to other people’s work and read their opinions.

5. Script reading.

 Study the script carefully before anything else. Once you’re done with that, record it and play it back, noticing every sentence, word, syllable, down to the smallest nuance. Does it sound as it should? Don’t be a conformist, never settle. If you are a beginner, feedback from one of your friends could be helpful. And never forget, timing is essential.

6. Recording process. Get your home studio ready.

Training your voice is not enough to work in the voiceover industry: you also need a good home studio. Clients demand good sound quality, and if you can’t provide it, you’ll won’t access paying jobs. You need to learn two essentials: how to record and how to edit your voice. If you are considering buying a microphone, our voice talent Johanny has a few recommendations for you. 

“When you start, you won’t need a $1.000 microphone, but having a good quality mic is still important”.

7. Learn audio editing.

The clients who hire online voice talents prefer those that have their own home studio. In such a highly competitive sector, it’s already not enough to read a text properly; it’s also necessary to know how to edit sound. Before you begin your voice talent career, make sure you gain some audio editing experience.

A free, easy to use digital audio Workstation is Audacity. Learn its basics with DVO.

8. Create and produce a professional demo.

It must include your most recent work and be able to showcase your best features in order to convince the customer. We already shared a post with tips to record an effective demo.

9. Promote your voice.

Having your demo ready is just the first step. After that, you have to get people to listen to your demo. You need somewhere to be found, so create your own personal website, build your profile across the main social media sites and upload your demo to voiceover agencies websites. For example, you can look for voiceover jobs in Jooble. Do you want to be part of our voice over agency? Register now. 

10. Never stop training.

Trends change in this sector, and you must always be up to date. Look for relevant information on the Internet, tips from you mates. Don’t hesitate to other people’s opinions about your work; both from your mentor and from other voice talents. Listen to their work, learn from them.

You will have to put a lot of effort to be part of the voiceover industry, but we can assure you, it will pay off. And remember, everybody starts from scratch. Listen to the story of our voice talent, Bernardo. It will motivate you to keep working on this goal!

What do you think about our post “How to Become a Voiceover Artist“? Please share your thoughts with us and help us improve.

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25 thoughts on “How to Become a Voiceover Artist. 10 Tips

  • Sunil Peter Masih


    • Borja


      We’re glad you found our post interesting. Voice over is a beautiful job, you should definitely give it a try. Follow the tips we mentioned, record your own demo and promote it. You can register on our site and share your audios with us. The best of luck!!


    Thanks for sharing such fabulous tips.. Its really important for beginners like us.. And please do give more tips and sites where we can apply for a Voice Over jobs.

  • Patience Bestman

    Thanks for the recipe, it’s a good one!!
    Am actually a novice in this regard, I’ve never done voice over before, but friends and relatives usually commend that I have a great voice and I could sell it!!
    So a friend further went ahead to introduce me into voice over!!…I’ve never heard the word before until a week ago, and am in love with it!!
    But my challenge is, I don’t have a demo, no studio, microphone or recorder, just my android phone!!
    How do I go about this please??

    • Borja


      The first thing you should consider is getting a mic. There are different types of mic but for beginners we’d recommend a USB one.

      Regarding the set-up place to record, you can start by creating your study in an enclosed space, a small room or a previously soundproofed corner, to prevent noise to get in. Then, you’ll only need to buy some special foam pannels that absorbs sounds instead of reflecting it, and to surround the space you and the mic take.

      Good luck. You’ll see that this is a beautiful profession.

  • Jann leo Rondon

    I do the voice over but iam shy of more people

  • Aiman

    I want to become a voice artist of an animated cartoons

  • Rahul


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  • Teboho

    How do i officially register to becone a voice over artist

  • Teboho

    How to channel diffrent voice tones?

  • Delzeen Bhumgara

    Hi, just want to explore the world of voice over artists. I feel I belong here but I haven’t started doing anything about it. I have a corporate job currently and looking to explore something more towards my passion.

    • Borja

      Hello Delzeen,

      It’s an amazing job, but it takes time and effort. Follow these tips, work hard and you’ll be able to work as a voice over talent. The best of luck!!

  • Sivasree Devinarayanan

    What script can we use for demo?

    • Borja


      There are some script libraries where you can find royalty free scripts to use. You could also write your own scripts.
      If you use a copy that’s already been used, then you run the risk of a producer hearing it and complaining about it.

  • asun

    Hello, I’m willing to do the work. I want to get involved in the voice over industry!! sign me up! where would I be able to find a mentor to help guide me toward the most efficient path?

    • Borja

      Hello Asun,

      The first step is to learn how to do the job. Good training is essential if you want your voiceovers to be as good as possible. So, look for a good voice coach or trainer and attend his/her classes during several months. She/he will provide you with useful feedback to know when you’re ready to go for the next step: the creation of a demo reel. Good luck!!

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  • Anil Singh

    My many friends and colleagues are telling your voice is so unique and high pitch now my age is 38 but I don’t have any professional training and guidance.I want to prove my voice its unique and diffrent but it will never possible with out your support and guidance

  • Hasem

    Thanks for sharing this important information. It’s about a special program that works perfectly even during this “corona recession”. With this resource every beginner will start voice over career like me. Keep up the good work.

    • Borja

      Thank you very much, Hasem!!

  • DPN Talent

    Nice Tips. There are many ways that you can get started with voiceover. You could record your own voice or hire someone else to do it for you. Visit DPN for more detail to hire voice over talent

  • Rose Ben

    Thanks for Sharing such a great content. Check this out https://www.whatjobs.com/jobs/voice-over . Its gonna help those who wants to create their career as Voice over.



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