Interview to José Luis Angulo. Spanish Knight Rider’s Voice

We talk with José Luis Angulo, one of the most recognized voices in Spain. Dubbing director and dubbing actor, he’s provided with his voice to great characters such as Michael Knight in Knight Rider, Lord Voldemorth in Harry Potter, Heathcliff or Danny Tanner in Full House. As a dubbing director he’s been in charge of

The 10 Best Horror Video Games

The best horror video games. In the aftermath of Halloween, that most terrifying day of the year, we’ve realized that we’re among those who enjoy fear, and we’ve asked ourselves: why waiting a full year to spend a frightfully good time? Last year we answered two fundamental questions about horror movies: what are the best

European languages
The Most Uncommon European Languages in Voiceover

European Languages. Five of the most spoken languages in the world are European: Spanish, English, Portuguese, Russian and German. But in addition to these, Europe has many more languages, some of which, in spite of being co-official in some countries, are regional and minority. These languages have been historically transmitted from one generation to the

Documentary Voiceover
The Ways of Documentary Voiceover

The Ways of Documentary Voiceover. Voiceover is a fundamental part of many documentaries. It usually provides context information to allow us to understand what the images show. Therefore, its goal is generally more functional than artistic, which can cause many of them to sound boringly similar. So… do all documentary voiceover sound alike? Not quite.

Spanish accent
Spanish Accent in Voiceover. Latam, Neutral Spanish and European Spanish

Spanish accent in voiceover. With 400 million speakers, Spanish is the second most used language in the world, only behind Chinese. It’s an official language in 20 countries: 18 in America, 1 in Europe and 1 in Africa. What countries are those? Spain, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras,

Nadine Shenton
Interview with Nadine Shenton, UK’s Award Winning Female Voiceover Artist

Interview with Nadine Shenton, an UK’s award winning female voiceover artist. Former Royal Shakespeare Company actress she is now well known for voicing recognized television and radio commercials, web animation, corporate, narration, e-learning, IVR or apps. We couldn’t miss the opportunity to talk about our industry with such a talented and experienced voice over artist. Listen

Audacity Tutorial Guide for Beginners
Audacity Tutorial Guide for Beginners: How to Control the Level

It is time to learn some basis from Audacity. Welcome to Audacity Tutorial Guide for Beginners: How to Control the Level at which a recording is registered. Related Article: Audacity Tutorial Guide. The Basics Audacity Tutorial Guide for Beginners: How to Control the Level There are two basic tools for this: amplification and normalization. Lets

Dubbing. Speech Patterns and Tempos in Different Languages

Dubbing. Speech Patterns and Tempos in Different Languages. When you are planning to have something dubbed in different languages, you need to take this into consideration: while you may be saying the exact same thing in different languages, each language is different – not only in the obvious ways, such words, sentence structure and even