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By registering as a voice-over talent in the private area of the website www.danivoiceovers.com, the user accepts the following aspects of their affiliation or registration.


  • I, the voice-over talent, accept the inclusion of my personal data and sound recordings in the private area of the website www.danivoiceovers.com where they will form an integral part of DVO’s databases and sound banks. What is more, I specifically authorize DVO to use such data and files to carry out actions related to marketing, promotion, information and sale of rights, by any physical or electronic means.
  • I undertake to keep the personal information in my personal profile in the private area of www.danivoiceovers.com accurate and up-to-date, and to contact info@danivoiceovers.com regarding any operations necessary to do so.
  • I accept membership of the voice-over talent registry of www.danivoiceovers.com, which is voluntary and free.
  • I accept that DVO reserves the right to make changes to the website www.danivoiceovers.com and to the conditions of membership or the management of the database. In such cases, DVO will notify all members in the legally required manner and time frame, so that they can either confirm their acceptance of the changes or deregister from the private area of the www.danivoiceovers.com website.


The personal data added to the DVO database by the voice-over talent will be used to offer services and products to potential clients, and will be handled according to the General Register of Data Protection (GDPR) Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council of 27 April 2016. The user name of the voice-over talent, their language and accent, country of origin, gender, approximate age of the voice featured on each audio, and the category or type of audios they produce on each occasion, will be shown to potential clients and the general public. All of this allows any potential client to study the characteristics of the voice-over talent and their voice, and make hiring decisions based on these.

The personal data provided by the voice-over talent will be used, and shared if necessary, to establish contractual relationships with clients and to comply with DVO’s obligations to the Spanish and European Public Administrations and Courts. All of which is in accordance with law.

Finally, the personal data of the voice-over talent will be used to send commercial or procedural communications related to their membership of this website’s database.

The interested party has the right to transparency regarding the handling of their personal data by DANI VOICE OVERS, S.L., and also reserves the following rights to this data: Access, rectification, deletion or ‘right to be forgotten’, limitation of handling, obligation to notify of rectifications, deletions or limitations of handling; right to data portability, opposition and right to automated individual decisions including profiling. Users can exercise these rights by accessing their private profile or, if this does not work, by sending an email to Info@danivoiceovers.com declaring your intention regarding these rights.

The voice-over talent may subscribe to our newsletter service, but only in compliance with the General Register of Data Protection (GDPR), to be done in a particular and express fashion as laid out in the section at the bottom if this website.


When the voice-over talent decides to accept a project offered by DVO, they undertake to comply with the general contract conditions described in this section.

For all projects offered by DVO, all texts, audiovisual material, data sheets, complementary information, etc. necessary for the work to be carried out correctly will be provided.

Any re-recording or corrections to be made by the voice-over talent, as well as any other post-production work derived from reading errors, pronunciation errors, failure to conform to the indicated style or poor sound quality, or errors made in post-production such as those relating to audio file formatting, file splitting, file names, etc. will be the responsibility of the voice-over talent who shall not be entitled to claim economic compensation for the correction of such defective work.

DVO will inform the voice-over talent of the delivery deadline for the works for which they have been contracted. Failure to comply with the delivery date could mean refusal of work by DVO or the end client, and for this reason DVO shall not be liable to pay for such work given that there is no entitlement to request compensation for the carrying out of said work.

If the work is delayed due to force majeure and the end client accepts this delay in delivery, DVO will continue normally with the order and will respect the commitment to pay for that work as agreed.

In order for DVO to make the corresponding payment for the work done by the voice-over talent, the latter must provide the complete corresponding invoice, to include the following details: The full legal name (personal name or that of the company issuing the invoice), full address, country, tax ID number of the issuer of the invoice, the invoice date, invoice number, the internal project code previously provided by DVO, the amount agreed upon when the work to be performed for DVO was accepted, and the currency specified by DVO when the work to be performed was accepted. In the “client” section of the invoice, the following data corresponding to www.danivoiceovers.com must also be included:


C/ Santiago Rodríguez Conde, 23 F

28430 Alpedrete – Madrid – Spain

VAT Number: ESB87267878

The invoice must be accompanied by a tax residence certificate from the tax authority of the country where the voice-over talent is based.