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Translation Services

[:es]servicios de traducción de audio y video[:en]translation services[:]



Oh, yeah… Did we not mention that we provide translation services, too? Well, we do – and they are amazing!


When working with voice over in over 100 languages every day, translation inevitably comes with the territory. As such, at DVO we are prepared to tackle on any challenge and help our customers with their every need in order to offer A-to-Z solutions for their multilingual media projects. And that includes an awesome translation department with only the best of the best!


We have a broad database of trusted linguists and native talents ready to take care of your translation needs with the same level of care that we put in everything we do.


You might think, “yeah, but I actually need translations to a pretty rare language… Should I even bother?” And the answer would be, “oh yeah!”


We offer translation services in more than 75 language pairs, so do not shy away from always asking, no matter how rare your target language may sound. We are committed to our clients, so we will always try our hardest to meet your needs with the high degree of service quality we are known for.


What’s more, if you need translation as part of a larger project that requires additional services such as transcription, voice over, subtitling or video editing… We have the whole package!


We’ve got all the necessary resources to offer you a worry-free, walk-in-the-park project. Our processes are optimized for speed, cost-effectiveness and quality. We can take care of all your needs in one fell swoop and ensure that you have your files back in the desired target language, looking and sounding their best!


Whatever the language, and whatever the format you need, give us a shout – we’re confident that at DVO we can offer the help you need.