Luis Ignacio González

Luis Ignacio González, More than 30 Years Devoted to Voiceover

Who better than Luis Ignacio González to talk about voiceover: since 1985, when he started his career as professional voice talent, he’s provided his voice to the most popular brands for TV and radio spots, as well as the Internet. In addition, he’s been equally fruitful in documentaries and even as humourist in several media. […]

voice acting performances

Top 10 Most Memorable Voice Acting Performances in Movies by DVO

Numerous actors have used their voice to help create some of the most iconic characters in the movie industry. Voice Acting is an art that requires not only a great voice, but also some serious acting chops. Voice acting is gathering more and more momentum as a very specific branch of the dramatic arts, and […]

Entrevista a un locutor profesional: Consejos de voiceover. Interview with a Professional Voice Actor: Voiceover Tips

Take it as it Comes – New Play by our Dutch Voice Actor Marcel

In this new edition of our interviews with professional voice actors, in addition to offering voiceover tips, advices about how to prepare a professional demo reel or discussing audiobooks, we present you “Take it as it comes”, the last stage play penned by our Dutch voice talent Marcel. What were your first steps in the […]

Consejos sobre locución de una locutora profesional. Voice Over Tips from a Voice Arts Awards Nominee.

Voice Over Tips from a Voice Arts Awards Nominee. A conversation with Bev, a Canadian Voice Talent

In this interview with Bev we will not only learn some Voice Over Tips from a Voice Arts Awards Nominee, but also we will also discover how the World Voices Conference went and learn some guidelines to know how much you should charge for a voiceover project. Listen to the whole interview here. Bev, a Canadian […]

Locuciones profesionales. La Guía de Pronunciación. Professional Voice Over. The Pronunciation Guide

Professional Voice Over. The Importance of the Pronunciation Guide

If your project needs a professional voiceover, the pronunciation guide is essential to facilitate the work of the voice-over actor. It’s the perfect complement to the script to be sure that the recording will come out right. You know that Benjamin Franklin axiom, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”? Well, Franklin […]

Happy Easter from Dani Voice Overs

Indiana Jones does not hold a candle to DVO when it comes to exotic hunts! Easter is upon us and we want to celebrate it with you. And to that end, we have prepared a hunt – an Easter Egg hunt!  Join us in this quirky adventure, have fun a learn some fun facts about us. […]

Audacity Tutorial Guide for Beginners: The Basics

Welcome to DVO’s Tutorial Series on Audacity. In this first Audacity Tutorial Guide episode we will cover the Basics. Audacity is an audio editing program compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux and other operating systems. With it, we can record audio tracks, edit audio files in various formats, mix audio tracks, modify pitch and […]

Tipos de locuciones profesionales Types of Voice Over Styles

Types of Voice Over Styles for Your Professional Projects

It is decided. After mulling over it for a while, you reached the conclusion that yes, voice over is definitely the way to go. But, what types of voice over styles do you need for your projects? If you still don’t know what voice over is and why you should consider it, you might want […]

Tips from American Voice Over Talent Consejos de una locutora profesional americana

Tips from Voice Over Expert Debra. A Conversation with a Netflix Voice

We have a conversation with American voice over talent expert, Debra, who tells us of her experiences and offers us some useful tips to become a good professional voice talent. Debra, one of Netflix’s professional voices, has just finished her work in the movie Bird Box, starring Sandra Bullock. Debra, your voice is in the […]

Voice Over. What is it

Voice Over. What is it and Why You Should Consider it

Voice Over. What is it. Have you ever considered voice over? Voice Over is the art of speaking to a microphone, to infuse life into any given e-learning course, commercial or video footage by narrating a script in a way that conveys emotions and engages the listener. At Dani Voice Overs we’re voiceover experts, enthusiasts […]

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