Horror Movies: The Most Terrifying Voiceovers in Trailers

Horror Movies: the most terrifying voiceovers in trailers. Halloween is upon us – the time of the year when getting spooked is almost mandatory! What, not easily startled, are you? No worries – we got you covered. We like our movies that make us go all tense, and listening intently for noises that are not […]

Voice acting in video games

Voice Acting in Video Games. Casting and Production Process

Voice acting in video games. Casting and production process. The video game industry is constantly evolving, it covers multiple sectors and generates more revenue than the music or the film industry. It represents a fantastic opportunity and a great challenge, not only for voice talents, but for the whole production team as well. One of […]

most spoken languages in the world

The 10 Most Spoken Languages in the World

What are the most spoken languages in the world? – One of the best linguistic resources, The Ethnologue Catalogue of World Languages, lists 6.912 living languages.  About 6% of them have more than a million speakers each, and collectively account for 94% of the world population. These are the most spoken languages in the world: 10. German. […]

micrófonos de condensador. condenser microphones.

The Ultimate Guide to Condenser  Microphones for Home Recording Studios

The Best Condenser Microphones for Home Recording Studios. In one of our previous posts, we discussed how to set up your own home studio and the importance of choosing well each of its components. One of the most essential ones is the microphone, key for every home studio and voiceover recording. Today, we would like […]

Interview to José Luis Angulo. Spanish Knight Rider’s Voice

We talk with José Luis Angulo, one of the most recognized voices in Spain. Dubbing director and dubbing actor, he’s provided with his voice to great characters such as Michael Knight in Knight Rider, Lord Voldemorth in Harry Potter, Heathcliff or Danny Tanner in Full House. As a dubbing director he’s been in charge of […]

Voice Actors

The 10 Best Voice Actors in Animated Movies

The 10 Best Voice Actors in Animated Movies . We are currently living a golden age in the industry of animation pictures, and as such, it is our pleasure to honor all those artists whose voices infuse life to these magnificent works of art. We present our top 10 voice performances in animation movies. The […]

Lili Barba

Interview with Lili Barba, Voice Actress, Dubbing Director and Latin Brand Voice for LEGO and Apple

Liliana Barba, Mexican voice actress and dubbing director. You may recognize her as the Latin Spanish voice for Lizzi McGuire; Chuckie Finster in Rugrats; Daisy, Donald Duck’s girlfriend; and recently also Vanellope in “Wreck It Ralph” and Gabby Gabby in Toy Story 4. Listen to the whole interview with Lili Barba here. Toy Story is […]

The 10 Best Horror Video Games

The best horror video games. In the aftermath of Halloween, that most terrifying day of the year, we’ve realized that we’re among those who enjoy fear, and we’ve asked ourselves: why waiting a full year to spend a frightfully good time? Last year we answered two fundamental questions about horror movies: what are the best […]

European languages

The Most Uncommon European Languages in Voiceover

European Languages. Five of the most spoken languages in the world are European: Spanish, English, Portuguese, Russian and German. But in addition to these, Europe has many more languages, some of which, in spite of being co-official in some countries, are regional and minority. These languages have been historically transmitted from one generation to the […]

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