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Kids in Voice Over. Tips to Record with Them

Kids in Voice Over. Tips to Record with Them

Kids in Voice Over. December is the children’s month. It is, of course, because Christmas is here and the kids remind us, the adults, how to live it, but also because many commercials and videos are recorded by child voice over talents and show us how exciting and professional a kid’s voice can be.

Working with young artists is so gratifying, but it is necessary to keep always in mind what they are, just children, and it is part of our job to make them feel comfortable while recording.

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Here you have some tips that might help you when recording with children:

  • Do not assume working with kids is easy. It seems obvious, but it is essential to remember it.
  • Understand that they are very demanding artists due to their age.
  • Come up with an innovative method to make the recording session fun for them.
  • Create warm and friendly environment for the kids without forgetting that it is not time to play. Find the balance.
  • The way you work in the studio with a child really should be the way you work with any voiceover artists. A lot of people are relying on the child to pull through.
  • Prior work experience is not necessary. You can find incredibly talented kids that are just starting to get into voiceovers.

Do you want your kid to become a great voice over talent? Learn how to make a perfect demo.

Listen here to some of our demos recorded by children.

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