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Live Recording Sessions

[:es]sesiones de grabacion en tiempo real[:en]live sessions[:]



Would you like to be more involved in the recording of your requested voice over? Then, try our live recording sessions.


Just say when and where!


Our voice talents always welcome your feedback and instructions, and some recordings just need that extra bit of live input directly from that person who is most familiar with the topic at hand. No one knows the product best, after all, and that first-hand knowledge can prove invaluable!


At DVO, we encourage that extra involvement, and we are happy to make it possible.


Long gone are the days where one needed to be physically present at a recording studio in order to be part of the recording sessions. Nowadays, we can be virtually anywhere any time simply by having an Internet or telephone connection. At DVO, we work with the latest recording and communications technology at our disposal to achieve long-distance live connections easily. So, really, what is stopping us anymore?


Live recording sessions are definitely becoming more and more popular in this globalized world, and we are happy to provide a safe platform for all resources involved to be in touch and ensure that everybody is satisfied with the results.


They require an extra bit of organization, and of course a schedule that fits all parties involved. Time zone differences can be a difficult obstacle sometimes, but nothing that can’t be overcome with proper planning and open communications. And we are delighted to be the perfect intermediary to make sure that everybody is on the same page and ready for an optimal recording experience.


Telephone conference? Skype call? Web meeting? Platforms may vary, but we are always happy to accommodate and provide any needed training to our voice talents to make the process go as smoothly as possible.


If you are interested in this premium service, don’t hesitate to ask!