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Video Subtitling Services – Burnt-in Captions

Video Subtitling Services – Burnt-in Captions

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 Are you in possession of a video, and you also have its corresponding subtitle file (say, an SRT file), but you don’t know how to put them together?

Or perhaps you insert the captions track into your video in your regular player, but the subtitles cover some important on-screen text?

Or maybe the default color of the subtitles makes it hard to read in a specific background?

Or the captions you need are in a language that requires special characters that show up corrupted on your regular player? Think no more: we can help.

With our expert Video Editing services, we can add your subtitle file, whatever the format, to your video file as burned-in text. The captions will turn into a fixed part of the video – no need to add them or toggle them on and off anymore.

What’s more – we can place the captions in different parts of the screen in order to keep them from showing up on top of other important elements in the footage, such as on-screen text. We can also edit the font, size and color of the caption text, as well as the color/transparency of the text box. We can edit line breaks and alignment to optimize compatibility with right-to-left languages. We can make the best use of our resources to make sure that your subtitles are clearly visible and do not interfere in any way with the content of the original video.

And we can do as many edits as needed to produce the best results- all is part of the service!

We’ll get the job done and deliver back your videos looking just as amazing as they were originally – only with your provided subtitles showing up nice and prominently. No more confusion about how to activate captions, or how to make them easier to spot.

Try our video subtitling services. We’re here for you!

Do you need subtitling services for your videos? Write us.

You can also find us in our email: info@danivoiceovers.com