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 “Discipline your voice, Grasshopper, that you may find a greater power…”


Sometimes, even the best voice talents need a master to guide their path and extract the best out of them. Particularly in the perilous landscape of commercial voice over.


This is why we offer a premium service for commercial VO that includes a voice over coach, or a voice director, that will assist in the recording of these particular sessions.


Have you ever heard a TV/radio commercial and felt delighted at the sound of the voice? Have you ever thought, “wow, that chocolate ad sounds tasty” or “that car commercial sounds incredibly classy”?


That is no coincidence. That is the result of training and hard work on the voice talent’s side, and the proper guidance from their respective voice over coach.


Much like Master Po taught Kwai Chang Caine the way to spiritual power in Kung Fu, a voice coach or voice director is the voice of wisdom during a challenging voice over recording. They use their extensive experience as voice talents and directors to guide other talents and help them give the best performance possible with their voices.


Commercial recordings tend to be short, but very meaningful. Little tweaks here and there can mean a world of difference when it reaches the human ear: a note too high, or an ending too soft? A sentence too fast, or a word too articulate? All of those details are what makes a good commercial VO stand out. And only an experienced director has the expertise to catch on these, and use them to the max!


Our extensive list of voice coaches includes native experts for each language in our database. They are qualified, experienced, and would love nothing more than to help you get optimal results out of the chosen voice artist’s voice for your particular spot.


Nothing but the best to ensure maximum reach!