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Dani Voice Overs. The Professional Voice Over Agency. How it All Started

Dani Voice Overs. The Professional Voice Over Agency. How it All Started

Daniel Carrasco, founder, and CEO at Dani Voice Overs, the professional voice over agency and also one of the more than 2,000 voice over talents that make up the database of DVO – one of the most established Spanish voice over agencies – began his adventure in a small home recording studio. Ten years later, he has made his artist representation agency reach a remarkable international scope with clients in more than ten countries.

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How does a single person with nothing more than a room and a computer achieve such a goal?

I have always wanted to be a voice-over artist. From a very young age, it caught my attention. And when I took my first steps as Dani, voice over artist, I never thought for one moment that I would end up founding the professional voice over agency that Dani Voice Overs is today. I wanted to do what I was passionate about; I looked for opportunities, offering myself to companies, and DVO came to life, in parallel, almost in secret.

The companies that relied on me for different projects began asking me for voices in other languages. It was a natural step in my progression as a voice talent.

Why do you think these companies entrusted you with this function instead of looking for voice-over agencies?

I think they saw my determination to do things right. For me, this profession is a dream. It’s also work, without a doubt, but with a good dose of fun. And that formula works very well.

“At Dani Voice Overs, we always consider two points of view when working on a project: that of the client and that of the talent. The success lies in offering the best service to both.”

It seems like agencies are more concerned about the client; they are the ones who pay. It’s important, but the talent is the one who has to help you to achieve the best result. The small details make the difference between a good project and an exceptional one.

For example, if you are able to get the most detailed information possible from the client, such as the pronunciation of acronyms, you will greatly facilitate the work of the talent. And he or she will thank you. Also, you will spend less time on your recording because you won’t have doubts. And the client will receive their audio earlier. Everyone wins.

That sounds, even, like a business philosophy?

At Dani Voice Overs, we know the effort required during each step of the process, and that has always helped us. Thanks to that, we are better – the agency, fortunately, and the team as well. We even have our own work method, which you can see explained on the new website.

Every project is unique to us. Every country, every accent, every client, every actor has their peculiarities. We know this and act accordingly. We share an idea with our clients and speakers that goes beyond the recording and editing of the audio – to be the best by applying our formula: professionalism, trust, collaboration and kindness. We are different, and our talent too. I like to say that we are the revolution of small details.

You’ve just mentioned the new website. What does it offer? What is it different from the previous one?

We have redesigned the existing one. It is now more intuitive. And we have also given our corporate image and brand identity a completely new makeover. The most remarkable thing, however, is that we have made it a very complete tool that will greatly facilitate the work for our clients.

We have more than 2,000 voice-over talents in more than 90 languages, ​​and we have developed a search engine so that any client can find, in just a few clicks, what they are looking for.

Of course, we are professionals specialized in voice-overs and we offer advice to whomever needs it. And thanks to this new website, we can resolve any query in less than 24 hours.

In addition, it is also an opportunity for the voice over talent themselves, who can, at no cost, include their demos on the website of a professional voice over agency with an international presence. I cannot think of a better showcase for aspiring voice over artists to promote themselves and find work.

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