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The Imaginarium of DVO with Pablo: How to Prepare a Recording

The Imaginarium of DVO, a place for wonder and knowledge, welcomes our Spanish voice over talent Pablo, who is giving us some tips on how to work with a recording script. The first thing we all must learn and understand is that not every audio script can be prepared the same way. Each project requires […]

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Going Paperless in you Voiceover Business

Going Paperless in you Voice overs. Saving the environment is, of course, the most important reason not to use paper when you are working on a voice over recording. Besides the ecological balance there are other arguments to avoid a studio fill up with paper. Here they are: Flat screen monitors are very economical and […]

The Imaginarium of DVO with Johanny: Condenser Microphones

The Imaginarium of DVO, a place for wonder and knowledge, welcomes Johanny, who already shared with us some relevant information about dynamic microphone or condenser ones In this new audio post, he focuses on condenser microphones and recommends us which ones are the best for our voiceover recordings. Shure is the most common one, and […]

The Imaginarium of DVO with Bernardo

The Imaginarium of DVO, a place for wonder and knowledge, presents you Bernardo, and the story of how a publicist became a voice over talent. Bernardo, a Mexican Creative Director and Copywriter liked to be involve in the production and recording sessions of the texts he wrote for his clients. He grew curious about the […]

Welcome to The Imaginarium of DVO

A place for wonder and knowledge, where anyone in the voice over industry can be part of it. If you are a voice over talent or a company interested in this art, this is your spot to learn and share an idea, thought, anecdotes, advices or a story, thought your voice. Welcome to our Community. […]

Voice over Tips for Beginners

Voice Over Tips for Beginners

Voice Over Tips for Beginners. Just because you have an amazing or unique voice doesn’t mean you’re going to be the best voice over talent ever. You have to work to be a professional voice actor. Here you can find some tips to become a voice artist. Related article: How to Make a Voice Over […]

DVO and our Voiceover Talents Wish you a Merry Christmas

With a little help from our voiceover talents we have prepared this video to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. You already knew their voices, it was about time to show their faces. These are just some of our voice over talents, listen to them all in our website. Would you […]

Kids in Voice Over. Tips to Record with Them

Kids in Voice Over. December is the children’s month. It is, of course, because Christmas is here and the kids remind us, the adults, how to live it, but also because many commercials and videos are recorded by child voice over talents and show us how exciting and professional a kid’s voice can be. Working […]

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How to Make a Good elearning Script

The elearning script should be divided into two columns at least, one to include the filenames, and another one for the voice over text. In addition, you can also create a third column with directions or comments for the voice over talent. Related article: How to Make a Voice Over Demo. 7 Tips. If your […]